Seven Layer Dip

Gamecocks FTW

Let me begin this post with a fair warning to Georgia Bulldog fans… the content of this post will not make you happy and may bring back memories of the defeat you suffered on 9.10.2011 at the hand of the South Carolina Gamecocks.  If you are a fan of the Dawgs, go ahead and skip to the recipe.  I wouldn’t want to cause any further depression. **I do admit it wasn’t a pretty win, but it’s a W.

If you did not know already, I absolutely can’t stand UGA.  As someone who grew up in Georgia, I can attest to the obnoxiousness of their fans.  Bark in my face and see what happens.  It also seems that the more loud mouthed the fan is, the more likely they did not attend college at UGA.  What is even more annoying is the fact that they are maybe one of the most overrated teams EVERY SINGLE YEAR.  Them and Notre Dame.  So, as I am also a huge Gamecock fan (because I ACTUALLY attended college there), the South Carolina/UGA game is always a big deal for me.  So, in honor of the big game, I decided to make some delicious food, drink a lot of beer, and enjoy the Dawg defeat once again with some good friends.

What is this delicious food, you ask?  My fantastic seven layer dip.  If you ever want to impress a man friend, lady friend, tailgate party, a judgey(no, this isn’t a word) relative, or if you just want indulge yourself in seven layers of happiness, then THIS, is your recipe.

Seven Layer Dip

16 oz. can fat free refried beans
2 SlimCados or 3 regular Hass avocados
(or pre-made guacamole if you’re lazy)
1 large jar Medium Pace Chunky Salsa
1 packet taco seasoning
16 oz. container of light sour cream
1 Β½ cups shredded 2% milk Mexican cheese
Lime juice
Shredded lettuce
Cherry tomatoes
Multigrain scoops

In order to make the assembly of the dip easier, first you will make the guacamole… if you chose to not be a lazy person and make a delicious guac yourself.  It tastes better, believe me.  I honestly have no real measurements for my guacamole because I just taste and add along the way until I feel like it tastes juuuust right.  Begin by slicing the avocados in half, pit them, and then slice length wise making cuts about every ΒΌ inch.  Then, I like to cut these pieces into small squares, cutting the opposite direction, while still in the skin.  Scoop the slices out and put into a medium mixing bowl.  Using a spoon, mash the avocado as best as you can, but leave a few chunks because smooth guacamole is weird.  Add about 2 tablespoons (or more) of salsa.  Add a tablespoon or two of the taco seasoning and also throw in a few dashes of salt.  Like I said, there are no exact measurements, so taste along the way.  After you feel you have found the magic ratio, add a little lime juice so it stays nice and green.

The first layer is going to be the refried beans.  Using a 9 x 13 glass baking dish, spread the can of refried beans, evenly, across the bottom.  Use the whole can.  Next we add the guacamole layer.  Again, spread evenly across the beans.

Enjoying the infamous seven layer dip during some
Thanksgiving football watching at the Bay πŸ™‚

For the third layer, we are going to dump about Β½ of the contents from the taco seasoning packet into the sour cream.  Mix well so that it turns to a light rosy brown.  Add more if needed.  Then, spread about Β½ – ΒΎ of the container across the guacamole.  Spread about ΒΎ of the salsa, next.

Completely cover the salsa layer with shredded lettuce.  Sprinkle the cheese over the top and halve some cherry tomatoes to garnish the top of the dip.  Set out and watch it be devoured.  I suggest serving it with the multigrain scoops because those chips are some tasty morsels.  Well done Tostitos, well done.