Cheers to New Adventures

Hello friends!

Here I am, adding a new venture into my already chaotic life. Let me begin by explaining…I am a wife to a wonderful man who is my forever adventure buddy, a mom to a VERY opinionated toddler, an artist and jewelry designer for my company Green End Designs, and all the while, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t always happen, but I’m also human.

I began to lightly blog recipes in 2011 when I was living in Austin, TX because you simply cannot live in that town and not get sucked into a healthy lifestyle. I was running more and I discovered my new love for trail running which eventually lead to ultra running. College Katie, who thought a bagel and cream cheese was a healthy alternative to McDonald’s egg and cheese biscuits, would not recognize Austin Katie. Now, that isn’t to say that breakfast tacos, Mexi-Martini’s , and chicken wings didn’t get in my way to becoming healthier overall, but at least I was making small changes at home.

Fast forward to today and I am a completely different person, even from my Austin days. I have completed multiple ultra races, including Lookout Mountain 50 Miler, I now eat on an 80-90% vegetarian/vegan diet, and I also run a successful jewelry business. One of my recipes was even featured in StyleBluePrint Atlanta right after my daughter was born. To put it plainly, my passions lie in creative outlets and I wanted to continue to share that with those who may have followed me in past years. I look forward to sharing more delicious recipes, home improvement projects, and DIY projects with you.

xoxo Katie