DIY Family Up Halloween Costume

DIY UP Family Costume

If you are anything like me, you start thinking about your Halloween costume in July. For most of my adult life, I have always tried to make Halloween costumes for myself. Some were great, some were a big failure. Point being, I never spent an exorbitant amount of money on a “sexy werewolf” costume. Then I became a mom and the whole “sexy” costume thing didn’t really work if I wanted to be family-friendly. The first year of my daughter’s life, she was about 6 weeks old. I was still recovering from my C-section, so we ended up just using a dinosaur zip up costume, stood at the end of our driveway and watched the neighborhood Halloween parade for a few minutes, took a couple photos, then headed back inside to watch a movie and give out candy.  Her second Halloween consisted of two witches and the Hulk…not really exciting, nor did it make any sense. Upon the arrival of her third Halloween, I brain stormed all July and all of August. Luckily, she had recently become obsessed with the movie “UP.”

batman mask
We always have fun searching around the costumes at party stores.

If you are familiar with the movie, you know that Mr. Fredricksen, Russell, Kevin, and Dug are the main characters. My daughter was the colorful Kevin because I naturally want my kid to be really cute. My husband was grumpy, old, Mr. Fredrickson, and I was the little Wilderness Explorer, Russell (the wilderness must be explored! Caw! Caw Rawr!). We intended to bring our dog, Hunter, to be Dug, but due to a grumpy toddler who refused to eat, we were preoccupied and honestly forgot about him. Our costumes were fairly easy to make with the help of Michaels, Amazon, borrowing from friends, and a little creativity.

To transform Harper into Kevin, I purchased a little purple tutu, glittery rolls of orange, pink, yellow, and blue tulle ribbon, peacock feathers, and a barrette from Michaels. She also wore a royal blue leotard that I found via Amazon. To create the vibrant colors of Kevin, I layered multiple 6-8 inch strips of each tulle color in the order of Kevin’s feathers. Kevin has three little feathers that stick out of her head, so I was able to find peacock feathers and super glue them into a pre-made feather hair clip from Michaels. It was perfect! Last, but not least, she wore black leggings with her black slip shoes to finish off the look. She was adorable and loved the tutu so much that she insisted on wearing it for the next few days. Glitter was EVERYWHERE.

Kevin from Up Costume


Russell was easy to recreate with a yellow polo, orange bandana, yellow hat, orange fabric, khaki shorts, and a borrowed boy scout sash. I also made three “Wilderness Explorer” patches from felt, hot glued one on to the yellow hat, one on the polo, one onto the orange flag I made. I finished off the look with a back pack full of stuff, my daughter’s pots and pans clipped on the back, and the “WE” flag waving proudly behind my shoulder. People definitely got a kick out of the pots and pans clanging around while we walked with the neighborhood parade.

Turning my husband into Mr. Fredricksen, was essentially just locating clothing items he already owned and simply putting them together. The only thing we purchased was a cheap pair of squared off glasses, a bow tie, and the balloons he carried. A little (okay, a lot) baby powder into his hair to make it “grey” and his costume was done! Unfortunately for him, part of Mr. Fredricksen’s costume was a tweed coat and well, when you live in Atlanta, October 31 is sometimes 50 degrees and sometimes 80 degrees. This was one of those 80 degree years. He was a trooper though and wore it until we arrived back home.


DIY UP Family Costume

For full supply list and directions, click DIY UP Costumes.

What was your favorite costume you made for your family (or just yourself!)? I would love to see what all of you creative people come up with!

DIY UP Family Costume



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