Burlap Holiday Wreath

Thanks to Pinterest, I have become obsessed with DIY.  In fact, I have announced to anyone who will listen that I am currently getting crafty.  With the holidays coming up and my lack of funds, homemade gifts sound pretty fantastic right about now.  Fair warning to family and friends… your gift will most likely be homemade.  It is more meaningful, right?  Right…

I have recently done three different projects, with plenty more in mind.  I found one idea on Pinterest for a framed picture that says “I love you because ___________” and then you fill in with a dry erase marker on the glass why you love them.  I thought this was so cute because sometimes you don’t always have the chance to just stop and tell someone why you love them.  Sure it is easy to say “I love you”, “I love you, too,” but how often do you give reasons why?  It’s always nice to remind the person you love, why.

So, instead of just printing out some words, I bought some copper wire and shaped it into the letters, spelling out “I love you because.”  I mounted the wire letters with super glue onto the actual backing of the picture frame and added some charcoal designs around the words.  Then you just put it back in the picture frame, grab a dry erase marker, and hang it up!  So easy and I have already had some sweet messages waiting for me. πŸ™‚

I also have been intrigued by the outbreak of endless chalkboard paint crafts, so, I decided to make something for my fridge.  Taking a cheap picture frame, I sprayed the glass with a few coats of some black chalkboard paint.  I haven’t finished it all of the way yet, but I intend to sand the frame and spice it up a little bit with some color.  In order to make it stick to my fridge door, I bought some small round magnets and glued them to the four corners of the frame.  Taaa-daaaaaa.

Last, but not least, I found a great tutorial via The DIY Showoff for a burlap wreath.  I made a few adjustments, such as using a white burlap and a 10″ straw wreath.  I also added some jingle bells and a beautiful ribbon to make it a little more like a holiday wreath.  I love it!