DIY UP Family Costume

DIY Family Up Halloween Costume

If you are anything like me, you start thinking about your Halloween costume in July. For most of my adult life, I have always tried to make Halloween costumes for myself. Some were great, some were a big failure. Point being, I never spent an exorbitant amount of money on a “sexy werewolf” costume. Then I became a mom and the whole “sexy” costume thing didn’t really work if I wanted to be family-friendly. The first year of my daughter’s...

easy DIY oil rubbed bronze light fixture

Easy DIY Oil Rubbed Bronze Light Fixture

If you are a homeowner of a house that had any updates done in the 90’s, then you have shiny brass fixtures…EVERYWHERE. Door handles, light fixtures, drawer pulls, sink faucets, EVERYTHING. The house I grew up in was built in the 90’s and my momma loved her some shiny brass. I’m certain that every single fixture, save for maybe one room, was shiny brass. I know that the raw/shiny brass look is coming back in style, but it just wasn’t going to work...

Burlap Holiday Wreath

Thanks to Pinterest, I have become obsessed with DIY.  In fact, I have announced to anyone who will listen that I am currently getting crafty.  With the holidays coming up and my lack of funds, homemade gifts sound pretty fantastic right about now.  Fair warning to family and friends… your gift will most likely be homemade.  It is more meaningful, right?  Right… I have recently done three different projects, with plenty more in mind.  I found one idea on Pinterest...